Monday, August 13, 2012

San Japan Review

So came home from San Japan yesterday...SO MUCH FUN! I had forgotten how much I enjoy a good anime convention. Great cosplays, lots of activities, it was great! This particular convention was held in San Antonio Texas at the hotel, the Grand Hyatt. The hotel was great, offering discounts on rooms to those there attending the con. For the most part staff was good, though, there were a few that were rather rude and I would've liked to slap if given the chance >:[ Anyway, back to the cosplays! Some of the best cosplays I've seen in a while. Gave me the boost I needed to want to get back into cosplaying more than what I am. I've already planned out a few that I'd like to work on in the future for future cons I will be attending. The rave was tons of fun! Awesome show put on by the DJ Arch-Angel and go-go dancers. All in all, awesome con, I will def attend in the future :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Green Tea & Zelda!

So today I'm thinking of attempting my Zelda gaming marathon once again. Thinking I'll play some more of A Link to the Past, then some Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and finally, the completion of Skyward Sword once my dear hubby comes home from work (because he wants to see the ending). So today will be a day of green tea drinking and infinite Zelda game-play, of course with the break every now and then to feed my precious babies <3 Today...will be a good day.
 And at the same time I feel the urge to forgo my Wii games, and cheat on it with my xbox360 and give some more of my life away to Skyrim. I could dwell in that world forever...BUT! Zelda needs my attention today...Link needs me to make him the Hero of Time all over again.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The day this far 8/4/12 (intro to Darksiders review)

Awe...the smell of coffee. It makes everything better. Cleaned up some, and took care of breakfast for the kiddies... I want to play Darksiders so bad, but having a baby who's under the weather some, and taking care of her is more important at this point. Perhaps once she lulls herself to a nap, I'll take advantage and continue my adventure as War, one of the four great Horsemen of the far, the game is incredible, better than I expected! Cannot wait to complete my awesome journey through this epic game...highly recommended. Once I complete it, I'll write a better review.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

So...Anime, Anyone?

I love to watch anime. The worlds they create intrigue me, and run wild with imagination! It's always been a dream of mine to write or do animation for an anime company. To work for FUNimation has been my dream for quite some years now. I've been watching a lot more anime than usual as of late. All thanks to Netflix!!! Currently watching Fruits Basket, Spice and Wolf, and High School of the Dead. Each one VERY different, each one incredibly awesome. I've been contemplating watching Deadman Wonderland, but still iffy on it. And most likely I will watch SoulEater in it's entirety for the 3rd time...I just love that anime so much!