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Skyrim/DawnGuard review

   Skyrim…? SKYRIM!!! First off, Bethesda, being the incredible company that it is, has graced us with their presence in the past with many great games. One of my personal favorite series of games from them being the Elder Scrolls. I've played a few of the previous games, Oblivion being one of them, but by far, Skyrim is my favorite. When I feel like taking a break, just merely walking around in the game, taking in the breath-taking landscapes in the game are enough to let me escape from the ‘real world‘ for a few moments, and submerge me into the great world known as Skyrim.
   Just recently I downloaded DawnGuard, the first of the downloadable content to be released for the game. I’ve began the mission, and so far, I am not disappointed! Best Microsoft points I’ve spent. It adds a whole other story line, and it is a great one at that. Though I am not completely finished with the mission, I am in awe over it.
   In this new mission, you are introduced to a different species of vampires, that are a lot stronger than the regular vamps you’ve faced in the past on Skyrim. They are ruled by the vampire lord, Harkon. It’s his passion to see the world shrouded in eternal darkness. And come to find out, that can be accomplished by his obtaining certain Elder Scrolls. First, you will meet the DawnGuard, the small group of  people in Skyrim that are out to stop Harkon from having his dream of eclipsing the sun forever come true. They give you a mission that leads you finally to Harkon, the vampire lord. Upon first meeting Harkon, you are faced with the choice to become a vampire lord like him, or face his wrath if you choose to stay in alligance with the dawnguard. I myself chose to become a vampire lord, and let me tell you, it is fun! Hovering above the ground, resurrecting the dead to serve under you, and feeding off the living, what more could a fan of vampires ask for?
    Later on you discover a whole new side of Skyrim, the Soul Cairn. Think of it as the underworld of Skyrim, where all souls retreat after they’ve met their demise. The world itself is beautiful in a cryptic and dark way, but nonetheless, still quite beautiful. And if you can find them, you come across a few side missions while in the Soul Cairn. One in particular that upon completing, you gain a new conjuration, a skeletal horse, engulfed in blue flames named Arvak. You can summon him at anytime, and upon doing so, you have a new means of traveling across the vast land. It’s a lot faster than traveling by foot. Now, if you’ve just recently purchased this game, and haven’t leveled up too much, keep in mind that even though you’ve downloaded the DawnGuard expansion, you cannot begin the mission till you’ve reached at least a level 10.
   And that’s that. Skyrim is a great game for those who love a good time-consuming rpg, The graphics, the story, the gameplay…all of it is enjoyable for most gamers. I’d highly recommend this game to any adventure/rpg gamer who wishes for a game that upon total completion, will take about 150-300 hours. Hour of your life, well spent.

The Legend of Zelda

Greatest series from Nintendo in my opinion. A game I grew up with, and feel it grew up with me. There's never been another series that's had the impact TLoZ has had on me. I've played all the games from the series, except the the Philip's CDi ones (which pretty much all Zelda fans hardly recognize as actual TLoZ games). To pick a favorite would be like picking a favorite child: You just can't choose. It feels wrong to have to choose! Most challenging I would have to say goes to Majora's mask. Given the fact of having to complete all these things in three days is quite nerve-racking...but oh so much fun. Most memorable would have to be Ocarina of Time. Incredible story, such depth and beauty. And each level more challenging than the last. Brilliant. And a lot of people didn't care much for Wind Waker, but I thought it was quite charming. Regardless of the chartoon-ish like graphics, it was still a good game. Least favorites would have to be the ones created for the Nintendo DS, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. They had their moments, but not my two favorites from the series. And I cannot say enough about Twilight Princess...that game, to this day, I will play over and over again. Beautifully done, from graphics to storyline. Sounds strange to say,but that game truely impacted me greatly. I smile just thinking about playing it! I own it for both the Wii and the GameCube. Both formats great in my opinion. And last, but most certainly not least, Skyward Sword. I am in the final battle as we speak. The grandiose face-off against the evil Demise. This game is so fantastic, I almost cannot bring myself to finish it! I just don't ever want this adventure to end...tho I know it must be done sooner than not. I can't wait until the next TLoZ game is released, both for the WiiU, or the 3DS. Either way, I'm getting them all! And the WiiU is as good as mine by next year *fingers crossed*. So, my gamer-dears...what is YOUR favorite TLoZ game?? Which one meant the most to YOU?? Which had the best story/graphics/etc?? Please share, I am all ears. /)^3^(\

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I love gaming...tho, as of late,  it's hard to stay true to my gamer-ness...Being a mother, it's EXTREMELY hard to game like I used to :( When I play a game, I have to submerge myself into it completely, 100%. It needs my undivided attention in order for me to totally enjoy my gaming experience. Have a newborn and a toddler makes it hard... Love my girls to pieces, but miss the good ol' gaming days. The days of NO responsibility, just pure, 100% gaming! Can't wait for my girls to be old enough, then they can just game with me :) Well, something to look forward to anyways!