Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventures of a Gamer-Geek in a Mommy's World

 Since I was a child, I was a gamer. While most 8-9 year olds were playing with Barbie and Ken, I was busy mastering Legend of Zelda and beating the living hell outta Mother Brain on Super Metroid. All my best memories growing up, sadly, are revolved around my gaming. It defined me, and made me who I am today. Quite a few years later, and now I'm the proud mommy of two very young lil' girls. This gamer geek misses her gaming time!

 I remember back in the day, pulling all nighters just because I didn't want to turn off Ocarina of Time. Now, I have a bedtime. Endless hours of gaming? Well, my hours of gaming are endless, so to speak...But most of that game's time is spend on pause due to me being super-mommy and feeding, bathing and raising two precious babies. And in no way am I complaining...I love my daughters more than any game. I just miss the feeling of getting lost in another world, putting yourself in a universe unlike anything you could ever imagine. But I get my chances from time to time...such as the girls' nap times, or after they've gone to bed, or that rare case when they're actually enjoying each others' company and playing together. Fact is, you can still be the greatest mommy ever, and still keep up with your gamer geek status. I'd go crazy if it weren't for my games. While some moms think they need to get away from their kids and go out drinking and dancing, that's all fine and dandy FOR THOSE MOTHERS. As for me, I'm much too happy to sit back with good music, and a great game in immerse myself in. Sit and play, relax, and drift away into a new world that has been waiting to welcome me with open arms ever since I left GameStop after my purchase.

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