Friday, December 19, 2014

Checking In & Catching Up

Hello gamers gals & guys! It's been quite sometime since I've posted here in my blog. When you're busy like I am and you're mostly on the computer for work, once you're done, you don't want to sit there any longer! Anywaaaaaaays...
So it's a busy time of year, and Christmas is seriously right around the corner. Where has this year gone? x_x I swear 2014 just started. It's true, time does go faster as you get older. Perhaps for me it's the combination of having kids, babysitting, catching up on crafts to sell, and work that makes my days just dwindle away so quickly. Like, I wake up around 6am, and before I know it, the sun is already setting. That being the case, my gaming time has become something scarce that I treasure oh so much. I've recently gotten back into Skyrim, and with that began a new blog branch entitled "Nightingale's Adventures in Skyrim", where I document my many travels on my second play-through of the game. It's a fun little project for me to focus on when regular life and work becomes a tad too much to bear.
I'm going to try to game on my Vita a bit more, as I just got some games all thanks to their holiday sale. I purchased Child of Light, Don't Starve: Giant Edition, and Flower all for under $25 - You can't beat that! I need to get more into my portable and PC gaming. When I have time to game, I just always reach for my PS3 or Wii U...sometimes even my Xbox 360 or Retron III. I have Steam on my PC, with a lot of games to play, but as I stated earlier, once you've sat at your desk working all this time, you don't want to sit at it longer (or maybe I just need a more comfy chair...). And I have both a Vita Slim and 3DS XL, both of which I love dearly, but pick up seldom. Oh man how I miss the good ol' days of being carefree and gaming all night long <3.
So how was your year? Was it all you hoped it'd be? Did it suck? Mine was meh...but you know what? It is what it is, and life would not be flowing the way it is if the past were any different. And let me tell you this: If you're feeling down (as I know most of us do during the holiday season), just be thankful you are here, alive and breathing. Life may not be what you want it to be, but remember that everything happens for a reason, and you may not see it now, but you will one day. You're a strong human being, who can endure more than you know. Just keep your chin up, eh? I will if you will ;)
And with that tidbit of inspirational speak, I leave you. Nightingale out!

~Peace, Love, & Video Games~
.::Nightingale Silva::.