Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sorry for being gone...BUT I'M BACK!!!

Hello, my gamer geek lovelies! Sorry for my absence, the darned holiday seasons have gotten hectic, but now back to gaming and motherhood! For Christmas, I got a Wii U and quite a few good games. For my Xbox 360, I got the Mass Effect Trilogy, KoA: The Reckoning, The Witcher 2, Dragon's Dogma, Dance Central 3, & Just Dance 4...So needless to say, I am content with my gaming selection for the time being. As for the Wii U, the only game I gave at the moment is Nintendo Land...I rented Mario Bros U and ZombiU, both of which are excellent! I intend to buy them as soon as our funds allow :3 Still writing for, but aside from being staff writer, I am now in charge of graphic design as well. All I can hope for is that it will all lead me to where I want to be career-wise.

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