Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spreading Yourself Too Thin? Yeah...Me Too

 Do you ever feel like you're spreading yourself too thin? Wish you could be in two or more places at once? Yeah, I know all of those feelings and some. Being a mother of two little girls, one five and the other one, it's quite a chore. I am a stay-at-home mom, and I struggle to keep it that way. I feel it's my job to watch over, teach and take care of my children. Hell, I feel guilty just letting grandma take them for one measly hour. I like staying home with my babies, playing games with them and teaching them everything I know.
 But the time has come, and we need extra income. I work for my websites, and get some pay from there, but it just isn't enough. So to top that off, I make sculptures and jewelry, and I knit and crochet hats and scarfs. Oh, and on top of that, I now babysit four or so times a week. I like making money, and I like being able to do it from the comfort of my home, but it's beginning to feel as if I am doing too much. I even went yesterday, and talked to my apartment manager about possibly cleaning the property daily and doing other odds and ends here and there for yet another job. Granted, this one wouldn't put money in my pocket, but it will decrease my rent, so it works out either way.
 I'm the type of person that won't say no to a good opportunity, even if I have a ton of stuff on my plate already. In the future, I may even possibly be in charge of a couple websites. Awesome sauce, more money for my family and bills, but that results in a stressed and tired Nightingale. But you know what, one must do what they have to do. That's our duty in life. Especially me being a mother, I have that instinct to go and do everything I can to ensure my family is okay financially and so on, even though I know I'm doing too much, and spreading myself way too thin.
 How many of you out there feel this way? You know you're doing way too much, but you keep on at it with a smile on your face even though you're beyond stressed and slowly losing your mind?
 And yes, I know, this is a gamer mommy blog, but sometimes I just want to talk about the day to day struggles that I myself and so many others out there face on the daily. With everything I do, I try so hard to at least game daily. Gaming is my relaxation, my sanctuary, my 'me time'. But there are times when all I get a chance to do it switch on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and catch some fish, then it's off to bed I go here in the real world.
Why can't life be like the video games, and instead of me having all of these jobs to make money, I could just go and cut some patches of grass or break some pots or battle some monsters and BOOM! Money, money everywhere!
Hey...I can dream, right?