Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Ramblings of a Gamer-Geek

So good news, good news...My work as a writer/blogger is getting recognized finally. I'm working for an awesome gaming site called I'm one of the main article writers, and here pretty soon, I'll also be in charge of graphic design as well. Good things to come, people! Now, I promise to keep up on here as much as is possible, but just so you know, coming soon I will have my very own section of the site for blogging and personal experience as a gamer. I look forward to all the possibilities that this could bring me. Perhaps one day I will work for one of the major gaming companies, if I'd only be so lucky *Little heart shapes glaze over my eyes* dream is to work for Nintendo America...but that is a biiiiiiig dream. Hey, anything is possible, right? Ok, enough about my career aspirations...ON TO GAMING! Just recently got my hands on some Microsoft points, and spent them today. I downloaded the arcade game AMY. I've yet to play it, but once I do, expect a review in the near future. And furthermore I downloaded the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim...I greatly look forward to testing that one out, even though I heard it was extremely tedious to create for yourself a home. But anywho, reviews coming soon for both of those. Until then, my gamer-geeks...Peace, Love, and Video Games <3