Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Got Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Buh-bye, Life!

It's no secret that I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I still play Skyrim to this day, and it never gets old. So you could only imagine how happy I was when I heard about Elder Scrolls Online. Granted, I'm not much of a PC gamer, so I held off an waited for it to come out on the PlayStation 4. I was so excited to play it as soon as I could, but to my dismay I came across a thread online that talked about how the North American servers were too congested and not working, so I figured, "You know what, I'll just wait, that way I can play it with no issues!" I waited a day or two later to put it in the PS4 and immerse myself into the Elder Scrolls universe all over again. I slowly unwrapped the game, eager to play it and waste my life away. I placed it into my PS4, and waited for the prompt to install it into my system... until my dear PS4 decided to inform that I would need at least 21GB to install the game... I adore PlayStation Plus...but what it does to my hard drive is horrid. So I only had one choice: I needed a bigger hard drive.  
Off to Best Buy it was to get an external to save all of my data onto, and to get a new internal hard drive for my PS4. I got my Sony baby a nice 2TB hard drive, which should be more than enough for Elder Scrolls Online and my future PS Plus PS4 games. Hey, go big or go home, right? 
After the time consuming process of backing up save and game data, and replacing my hard drive, I was finally able to play my game! I went through the process of creating my character, a High Elf of course, and started my journey into the very depths of Tamriel. 
Off the bat, you see just how glorious the graphics are! After grinding on Skyrim for the past 3 years and being accustomed to its graphics, this was spectacular. I played through the first part of the game, my escape from Soul Shriven in Coldharbour. After escaping from there, and making my way to another area in the game, I truly came to realize just how majestic these graphics were. There is more detail than you could imagine on this game! I stepped away for a brief moment to make myself some lunch, and I heard a loud crash of thunder... I almost thought it was happening outside, until I glanced at the television and saw rain pouring down and lightning flashing on the screen! This game is pretty awesome, and I'm barely just out of the shallow end of the pool that is Elder Scrolls Online... I can't wait to see what transpires in the deeper ends of the hypothetical ESO pool! 
As I journey further, I will keep you posted on my journey, much as I do with my Adventures in Skyrim blog... only... this is my Adventures in Tamriel Unlimited!! We're about to see just how 'unlimited' it truly is! 
~.::Peace, Love, & Video Games::.~